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No buyer wants to over pay for anything. On the other hand, no seller wants to be sold short, either.

All any buyer or seller is looking for is fair market value.

Here at, we give yearling owners the opportunity to sell their horses for what the market will bear, while at the same time offering buyers a comprehensive, transparent, cost-effective and informative purchase process.

From the horse’s first days in harness, up to jogging and training at the farm, owners and prospective buyers are able to watch as the youngsters in’s training program learn, grow and work into shape for the racing season. gives buyers and investors the opportunity to make decisions about potential horse ownership, or allows owners to keep up to date on their yearling’s progress by reviewing pedigrees and videos, or reading weekly updates from the trainers, veterinarians and blacksmiths as they give their assessments of our yearlings in training.

Feel free to come to Tomiko Training Centre to view our operation, or look around our website, watch the videos of our horses in action and leave your feedback. Or ask a question at the “contact us” tab on the main menu page.

Each horse has an initial offering of 100 shares and under’s unique single share purchase program, buyers can get into racehorse ownership starting at 1%, all the way up to 100 %. It’s your call.


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Mission Statement:

“Here at, our mission is to provide fair market prices for breeders while giving buyers the most informative way to purchase all or part of a horse. caters to all budgets with its open, affordable, fractional purchase program, and flat rate, no-surprises monthly billing system.

At, we aim to minimize the buying risk and maximize the benefit of selling.
Our vision is to create a better way to buy and sell yearlings by bridging the gap between casual spectators and yearling investors.
At, we ensure buyers and sellers get fair value in an open marketplace, while our videos and in-depth interviews minimize the risk to owners by giving them a window into their horse’s progress.”

So I own a horse.

What now?

Purse divisions and costs

So, you have purchased a horse and it is ready to race. Now what?

As a new horse owner, you likely have many questions and concerns.  How are purse earnings divided and what are the costs associated with racing your horse?

Hopefully, the examples below will give you a better understanding of how it all works, who gets paid and how much. A purse prize of $10,000.00 is being used to illustrate how the percentage split works.

* If your horse places 1st, you receive 50% of the purse ($5000.00).

* If your horse places 2nd, you receive 25% of the purse ($2500.00).

* If your horse places 3rd, you receive 12% of the purse ($1200.00).

* If your horse places 4th, you receive 8% of the purse ($800.00).

* If your horse places 5th, you receive 5% of the purse ($500.00).

A percentage of the winnings comes directly off the purse to the driver (5%) and the trainer (5%).

There is a transportation fee and paddock fee that is not deducted from the purse at this time.  Those two fees will be applied to your monthly bill, according to the percentage of ownership shares you have invested in the horse.

If your horse places out-of-the-money (6th too 10th), there was no purse money collected, so there are no driver/trainer fees/percentages to be paid out.

However, your transportation and paddock fees will still show up on your bill at the end of the month.

*Please note:  Your transportation and paddock fee will be determined by how many races your horse has competed in by that month’s end.

Entry Fees

There are no fees associated with entering your horse into a race. However, if your horse is stakes eligible and you have been making payments prior to the stakes race on a regular basis, there may be a final stake payment due to enter the race.

Vet Fees

With the physical demands placed on racehorses, the trainer will work closely with a vet to ensure the horse is at its best. Prior to racing and after a race, the services of a vet may be needed, meaning there will be a fee for services rendered. The vet fees will be applied to your monthly bill, according to the percentage of ownership shares you have invested in the horse.

As new owners ourselves, this venture has been an exciting time for us, but it does come with questions and concerns and it all can be a little overwhelming at times.  Hopefully this article answers some of those questions about one of the many steps we all will be taking together on our road-to-the-races.




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