MacDonald Launches “The Stable”



Over the years many horse people have looked forward to yearling sales in the fall. Maybe to rebound from a bad year or build on a good one.

No matter the reason it gives us a chance to turn the page.

At the sales, some horses frequently sell higher than expected and some sell for less than expected. In turn, some investors get potential “steals” and some may over pay. This has been the practice for decades.

But what if there was a better way?

What if investors had a way to watch yearlings being broke and trained down before they had to invest?

What if consignors could retain their horses for a better deal on the open market?

Well, here at we’ve built that market.

This fall if you have yearlings that you didn’t sell for whatever reason, we will break and train these youngsters down for a “flat monthly rate” (canadian dollars) under the eye of the world.

We will have weekly videos featuring your yearlings jogging and training and commentary from our vets and blacksmiths and trainers.

This is especially useful for investors that want to see their potential investment before writing a check.

The upside for both investor and consignors is significant. As the market would fluctuate for each horse differently as time goes by and videos appear, the owners would have the availability to sell any percentage of their yearlings for what the market would bear. A virtual stock market for yearlings.

The content and marketing of would drive the pool of investors, and we here at plan on building exposure for your yearlings day by day.

With our website and our hard work, we will ensure fair market value for all yearlings in our care. At the same time we offer the most informative way to purchase all of, or part of a young horse in training…bringing an easy and open investment process to the general public all over the world.

Ensuring fair market prices for owners and great opportunity for investors. is the best way to invest in a great game. (email)
@thestablecanada (Twitter)