2021 Racehorse Partnership Program at Harrisburg Sale

The 2021 Harrisburg Sale Racehorse Partnership Program is for the purchase of 1 or more racehorses.

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All horses in the Program will be purchased during Days 4 – 5 of the Harrisburg Sale (Nov. 11 – 12).

Shares of all horses in the Program may not appear in client accounts until the week of Nov. 13 but will be dated for the actual day of the sale.

$85,000 Racehorse Program
This program costs $850 USD and entitles the partner to 1% of each horse in the program. The total value of all horses in the program is $85,000 USD. The total number of horses, and the actual horses in the program will not be determined until the sale concludes on November 12.

75% of the shares in this program are sold as lots. The remaining 25% of the shares are available firstly to Partners who bought into the program. The order form for these remaining shares will be sent at 12 noon on Nov. 13 and Partners have 24hrs to purchase remaining shares. If after 24hrs any shares remain, they will be made available to all clients of TheStable.ca.

If the program is purchased underbudget, the balance will remain in your account. 

For further explanation of the program, please see Anthony’s video below:


When you purchase a lot in any of these buckets, you’ll own 1% of each horse in that bucket and will incur the usual monthly expenses you would pay for a share in a horse that you would normally buy as a stand-alone.