Harrisburg Partnership Program 2022

The Harrisburg Yearling Sale runs November 7 – 11 in Harrisburg, PA.

TheStable.ca will conduct a live broadcast on yearling sale days (Nov. 7 – 9) featuring previews of select yearlings and interviews. The show will be available on our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. Show times are TBA.


Partnership Programs – There will be a Partnership Program for the Harrisburg Yearling Sale.

Buckets – There will be 3 buckets in the Partnership Program:

• Bucket A: $300,000 USD Bucket (buy-in is $4150 CDN for one lot); there will be 2 or more horses in this bucket.

• Bucket B: $100,000 USD Bucket (buy-in is $1380 CDN for one lot); there will be 2 or more horses in this bucket.

• Premium Horse Bucket: $150,000 USD Bucket (buy-in is $2075 CDN for one lot); there will be 1 horse in this bucket.

Lots – There are 100 lots in each bucket. When you buy one lot in a bucket, you will own 1% of each horse in the bucket.

How the Partnership Program works:

The horses purchased in this year’s yearling sales will be sold as part of Partnership Programs. (Any shares of lots not sold through the Partnership Programs will be offered firstly to clients who purchased lots in those buckets; any remaining shares will then be made publicly available.)

You can purchase lots in these Partnership Programs through your account at TheStableca.com well in advance of each sale.

There will be multiple buckets in each Partnership Program, and each bucket will contain one or more horses. There are 100 lots in each bucket. When you buy one lot in one bucket, you will own a 1% share of each horse in that bucket.

How to purchase lots

Clients may purchase lots in a Partnership Program through their accounts at TheStableca.com

If you have an account credit, that credit will be automatically applied against your purchases.

People who are not existing clients but wish to become a client by purchasing a lot in a Partnership Program may do so by clicking BUY NOW on the profile of the bucket they wish to buy into at www.thestable.ca/the-horses

These purchases are binding. If you wish to sell your lot, you may do so on the Private Market at any point before the yearling sale begins.

Once the yearling sale has begun, Private Sale transactions for all horses purchased in that sale will be frozen for a period of 14 days after the yearling sale(s) concludes or until all public shares of that horse have been sold (whichever comes first).

After the sales

These Partnership lots represent a 1% ownership share in each horse in that particular bucket. Upon completion of the sale, that Partnership will be dissolved and shares of the horses assigned to the bucket will be distributed directly to the members of the Partnership.

In addition, participating members of the Partnership will also be able to purchase additional shares (should any remain) of the individual horses in the partnership before they are released to the rest of TheStable community.

Once the shares are transferred to the individual owners, the owners then control the shares and can sell (or buy more) as they please.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the budgets for each bucket different from the lot prices?
Most of the yearling sales are in the U.S. so our budget to buy horses is stated in USD. TheStable’s accounting platform is based in CAD. The price listed per lot is stated in CAD and has been converted from USD.

Do I still have to pay monthly fees?
Yes, you will have to pay monthly fees for each horse included in the bucket for which you purchased a lot. These Partnership Programs only cover the purchasing of shares, not the monthly costs associated with the horse.

Do I still have to get licensed?

Prior to the horse’s first qualifying start you will have to obtain a national membership (USTA or Standardbred Canada). Depending on the licensing rules in the jurisdiction where the horse will race,  you might be required to purchase additional licensing.

I currently have an account credit. Will that be applied to this purchase?

Is there HST?
HST is not currently charged on any horse purchased from a U.S. entity. There is HST charged on a horse purchased in Canada.

What happens if you don’t spend the budget?
Any remaining funds will be credited to your account.

Who decides which horses go into the buckets?  
Anthony MacDonald will decide which horses are assigned to each bucket.

How many horses will be in each bucket?  
Anthony MacDonald will decide how many horses and which horses are assigned to each bucket. Aside from the Premium Horse bucket, there will be 2 or more horses in each bucket.

When will I know which horses are going into which buckets?

Anthony will determine which horses are being assigned to each bucket after the yearling sale(s) for that Partnership have concluded. We will email all clients to advise them and transfer the shares you’ve purchased into your account.

Questions? For horse-specific questions, contact Anthony MacDonald (519) 400-4263 anthony@thestable.ca

For general questions about this program contact kelly@thestable.ca