Barn visits

Visit your horse at the barn anytime our staff are onsite. Bring as many friends as you like and prepare to make new friends (especially if you bring carrots). There’s also an indoor viewing area from which you can watch the horses train on the track during inclement weather.  


We pride ourselves on having the most informed clients in horse racing. You’ll receive weekly messages, emails and video commentary updates about your horse. We regularly post photos of the horses in training and host webinars where clients can ask questions about hot topics. You’ll find a treasure trove of videos on our YouTube channel where you can explore past commentary and training videos for all of our horses.

Remote access

With clients in 11 countries, barn visits aren’t possible for everyone. But you can still track the progress of your horse … In addition to our weekly communications, you can watch your horse’s training developments from anywhere. From November – May, we livestream drone footage of the horses in training. These professional broadcasts are presented bi-weekly and include on-screen graphics, live commentary and an online chat forum where you can interact with other clients during the show.

Client care

Great service whether you own 1% or 100%: that’s our promise to you. You’ll receive regular updates about your horse and timely responses to your inquiries. Our customer care standard is based on transparency and professionalism, and is the cornerstone of everything we do.


For many people, one of the best benefits of becoming a client of is the value of community. Meeting and engaging with fellow clients is a fun and enriching part of the horse ownership experience. hosts a number of social events throughout the year, including two major Open Houses and racetrack outings. We are always developing new ways to foster this sense of community, because that’s a big part of what made us fall in love with harness racing, too.


Yes, money. You’ll receive your respective percentage of the horse’s purse (prize) earnings. Aside from regulated deductions (5% for the trainer and 5% for the driver), the rest is distributed accordingly to the clients who own the respective fractions of the horse. Purse earnings are deposited into your online account and can be used to offset your bills. Or, you can request your funds with the click of a button.