Here’s How You Do It:

Pick a horse

  1. Browse THE HORSES.
    – See photos, videos, pedigrees and current prices of each horse.
    – The prices shown represent 1% of the horse. Buy as little as 1% of any horse.
  2. Select a horse and click the BUY button.
  3. Complete the order form and pay online.

Access your account

Once you’ve made your first purchase, you’ll receive a full-access account at You’ll receive an email with your account login information. Within this online account, you can manage and pay your bills, receive updates about your horse and message/interact with other clients (if you wish to do so). You can also buy fractions of other horses and sell your fractions to other clients (at a price you set) any time within your account.

Monthly fee

Once you’ve purchased fractions of a horse(s), you’ll pay a monthly fee of $25.75 (plus HST) per 1% fraction you own, per month.

This monthly fee covers all of the horse’s daily expenses (food, shelter, bedding, care).


There may be additional costs, called incidentals. Incidentals include veterinary work, shipping to the racetrack and stake payments (to ensure your horse is eligible to compete in big races.) Incidentals vary, so there is no hard-and-fast number but we suggest clients budget an extra $8 per 1% fraction per month.

Your horse(s) may also earn purse money (prize money) which will offset all of these costs.


The only other costs you’ll need to consider are for licensing and/or memberships. You are an official owner of a racehorse when you buy with and owners must be licensed. is bound by the Rules Of Racing for the jurisdictions in which we race our horses. Your licensing requirements (and costs) will be dictated by where you live, the number of fractions you own, and where those horses will race.

You will need to obtain at least one license or membership. This means you’ll need to budget a minimum of $100/year. We recommend you budget $150 – $200/year.   

While it’s ultimately the responsibility of our clients to get their licensing in order, we have resources to guide you and staff to advise you.