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The following is an excerpt from the ‘Fond Memories of 2022’ feature in the March 2023 edition of TROT Magazine and has been posted here with permission. To read another story from our client Tom Hebert click here.

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Gary Fraser & Jessie Brewer – Martock Windsor, Nova Scotia:

We never dreamed of having a horse make – or be good enough to make – the Breeders Crown. We are 76-years-old and have been in the racing game our whole life. We’re part of TheStable and our horse, Spitfire Oversees, raced in the final of the Breeders Crown for Two-Year-Old Colt Trotters this past fall at Mohawk.

Joel Kravet – New York, New York

Everyone has fond and glorious memories of big classic historic races. Well this past year, what I saw put into perspective what harness racing is all about. I watched the joy and celebration as Sintra won the Gold Cup & Saucer in PEI, driven by the man who trains and drives my horses – Anthony MacDonald. Being a native of the island, and having his brother already being victorious in the main event, it was truly a happy time for him.

The best race I saw this year however, was when the same man, pressed for time at an Ohio fair track, stayed on an extra hour just to make a catch-drive in a fair race for an elderly gentleman, whose horse and win meant as much to him as any big stakes event. That is what racing is all about – do the right thing and you come out on top. Do you think the driver needed that win, or cheque, or it even factored into the equation of taking the drive? Those two races showed me that I’m in the right place to spend my time in life. Horses can bring out the best in people, and every win has a story… take the time to learn from it.